With more than 7 years of experience in the fashion industry, Hanny Mousavi designer, founder and creative director of Alpha Wolves Swim has built a name for herself as one unique designer in Los Angeles. Originally from Paris, France, Hanny developed a keen eye for modern art, design, and style where she also modeled and attended exclusif fashion shows. 

She moved to Los Angeles, California in 2011 where she broke out onto the fashion scene quickly, designing and working with world-class artisans crafting sur-mesure leather pieces for celebrities, and connecting with high quality fashion suppliers. 

As someone who’s got a taste of the luxurious lifestyle, Hanny has developed a deep understanding of today’s demand with its roots in timeless quality.

Alpha Wolves Swim then came to fruition as one fierce brand with an aggressive name – all to symbolize Hanny’s aggressive endeavor to push boundaries. With authentic and sophisticated designs, soft luxurious fabrics and a lasting quality that can be seen and felt, Hanny is focused on ensuring that her edgy creations make women feel sexy and strong with a confidence that comes effortlessly. She responds to the need of being unapologetically yourself with just the perfect amount of elegance. 

“ I am French and sensuality was always a part of me, however growing up in a conservative family, I had to learn the hard way that there is nothing shameful about your body.., and the day you own it, is the day you become free. I am evolving on a personal level each collection at a time.. ” 

Hanny continues to experiment, create, and innovate as a true modern fashion designer through her capsule collections where each piece is telling a story that one can relate, allowing Alpha Wolves Swim to remain an agile brand that can meet the demands of today’s luxury market.